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Guiding Tenets

Prosperity Keys 1 & 2 — Bring Success To Your Customer

Key # 1: Make Your Value Clear

If you cannot describe the benefit of doing business with you — and provide supporting evidence — in two sentences or less, you either do not fully understand the benefit or it does not exist.

Key # 2: Prioritize The Promise

Steadily delivering the benefit that has been promised to your customer stands on co-equal ground with profit growth. They are not mutually exclusive goals.

Prosperity Keys 3 & 4 — Bring Success To Your Employer

Key # 3: Manage Relationships

If you do not know the amount of profit each customer brings to the bottom line, you cannot allocate resources judiciously. In other words, if you spend more time serving low profit generators than high profit generators, you will open the door for competitors to replace you — and very quickly outpace you.

Key # 4: Reward Client Integrity

Choosing ethics over expediency is a fundamental imperative. You should always have the heart to be loyal to customers who operate by this code — and the courage to separate from those who do not.

Efficiency Drivers 1 & 2 — Bring Success To Your Partners

Driver # 1: Define Your Purpose

A mission statement and business development plan should be co-authored by principal stakeholders to allow performance expectations to be spelled out and negotiated by those who will ultimately be held accountable for them.

Driver # 2: Own Your Processes

A workflow chart delineating each action that must occur to successfully deliver a promised benefit brings clarity and coherence — and minimizes variation. This in turn lends a higher degree of accuracy to forecasts of desired outcomes.



Object Lesson: AMP-Connect Process Management Drafts [2017]

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